Why Should I Coat My Garage Floor

Why Should I Coat My Garage Floor?

You may be wondering, why do I need to coat my garage floor? This is a common question homeowners ask, when trying to protect their garage. The obvious reason for painting and coating your garage floor is to protect it. In this blog we will explore the top reasons why homeowners should invest the time and money into having their garage floor professionally coated. The team at Houston Residential Painters offer many solutions for your space including top-of-the-line garage coating services in Houston. Fill out this form and one of our professional contractors will reach out to you to discuss your home renovation needs.


Listed below are the main reasons you should coat your garage flooring:


Add Durability & Longevity: Garage floors go through abuse from normal wear and tear. Whenever you choose to apply a clear coat to your garage floor will help to extend the lifespan of your surface. This additional coating will increase the thickness of your floor coating, which can help to protect your floors from damage. Your tires are hot when they come in contact with your garage floor, are sometimes moist, and may have mud or other substances on them that they will track into your garage. If you are interested in protecting your garage floor with a clear coating, contact Houston Residential Painters today. 


Protect The Color Coat: The clear coating on your painted garage floor will serve as a barrier between the painted layer and anything that encounters your garage floor. A clear coat will help to keep your colored floor protected so that it can last longer. If you stay on top of applying a clear protective coating, you will not need to worry about painting the floor again for decades. Protect your painted garage flooring with a clear coat to get the longest-lasting garage floor finish. 


Quick Cleanup: A clear coat on top of your garage floor will help make it easier for you to clean your garage floor. The clear coat makes it simple for mops to glide over the floor without pulling up any color flakes, helping to keep your floor looking great for as long as possible. Whether you are looking to reseal your garage flooring with a coating, or are looking to coat your garage floor for the first time, contact Houston Residential Painters today!


Leaves A More Polished Finish: Most clear coats used on garage floors can help to add a glossy shine to your garage flooring. You can often select the extent of the glossy finish on your floors. Whether you are looking for a high-shine finish or something more subtle, our team can help you pick the best coating for your floor. 


Camouflages Scratches: With regular wear and tear, all garage flooring will develop scratches and other marks that come with normal use. Your clear garage coating will protect your surface but it will also make it harder to detect scratches and other damage. The team at Houston Residential Painters is here to help you get the best look out of your garage flooring. 


Who Coats Garage Floors in Houston?

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