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    Drywall Installation in Houston

    The professional drywall specialists at Houston Residential Painting can help you with all of your drywall installations in Houston. Whether you have a new construction property or are in the middle of a home remodel, our team can work with you for clean, quick, and professional drywall installation in residential and commercial spaces. We are detail-oriented and ensure your total satisfaction with every project we complete. Contact us today to learn more about the drywall installation services we provide and to schedule an appointment with our drywall experts for your space.

    Drywall Repair Houston

    Whether you are a home or business owner, one thing is for sure, accidents happen! Maybe you created a hole in your ceiling while moving boxes in the attic, or are dealing with damaged walls after a plumbing repair, whatever it is, we can help! At Houston Residential Painters, we do more than just paint your drywall, we also can install and repair it. From minor repairs to major fixes, our team has the solution for all of your drywall repair needs. Repairing drywall on your own can leave you with a patchy appearance, work with our team of professional drywall specialists for a seamless appearance to your drywall.

    Wall Texturing Houston

    The team at Houston Residential Painting is dedicated to helping make your space look exactly how you envision it. Whether you are interested in adding texture to your walls for a unique finish or wish to remove the existing texture in your space, our professional drywall specialists have got you covered. We work quickly and keep our prices competitive without ever sacrificing the quality of the services we provide for your convenience. Set up a consultation for your space to get the professional quality appearance you desire in your home or business.

    Drywall and Texture FAQ

    It is possible to texture and paint drywall on the same day if the conditions permit it. However, high humidity or cold temperatures may make it take longer to dry before you can safely paint over freshly applied wall texture.

    The drywall in many homes and businesses has a textured top layer that changes the appearance of the otherwise flat wall. Luckily, for home and business owners who do not like the look of texture on their drywall, it can be removed. The process to remove the texture on the walls will depend on the specific materials used on the walls, if the walls have been painted, and the age of the walls.

    A good rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours after drywall is finished being installed before you sand, prime, or paint the walls. There may be some cases where longer is needed after drywall is installed before painting can be done safely. Our team will assess your specific drywall installation and determine how long is needed to wait before painting the drywall.

    Drywall and Texture Houston

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